Upcoming Offerings

Wisdom of the Body

A Six-Week Journey Beginning February 10

Join us for this six-week webinar as hosts Danusha Laméris and James Crews explore creativity as a spiritual, embodied practice. We'll look at writing through the lens of the body with acclaimed guests Ross Gay, Nikita Gill, Mark Nepo, Kai Coggin, Barbara Crooker, and Leila Chatti. Each week, we share conversation, poetry, and writing prompts crafted to help us feel more inspired, and find joy in the gaps and pauses of our often crowded lives. Join us in community to take a breath and feel our way back into the joy and being of our physical selves.

Sessions take place on Fridays from 10am-12pm PT / 1-3pm ET. Each session will be recorded and available for later viewing. 

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HearthFire Writing Community

An Ongoing, Monthly Membership

Become part of a larger conversion. Writing is a sustaining spiritual practice that can save us daily. It connects us to ourselves and to each other, and we have found that when we come together with the shared intention of writing as a community, magic happens on the page and in our lives. 

Live sessions take place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 10am-12pm PT / 1-3pm ET. Each session is recorded and available for later viewing. 

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Past Offerings

Hearth & Fire

Light a candle, brew a cup of tea, and join Danusha Laméris and James Crews for a Hearth & Fire reading. Our special guests include Jane Hirshfield, Michael Kleber-Diggs, and Kim Rosen. We invite you to gather with us for poetry and conversation filled with warmth and heart.

This free reading was previously hosted on Friday, December 10, 2021. 

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What past participants say...

“This has been maybe one of the best experiences around my writing and my soul and my life that I have experienced. What a gift.”

“My poetry friends and I call this time with you “Poetry Church” - Thank you both!”


“The way in which these sessions are conducted and the guest speakers, both are affecting my writing in ways I had not anticipated, but needed so much. Thank you.” 


“If you only knew how much the time we spend together here means to me as a poet. I am made better after each session.  I have learned so much from you both.  With thanks and admiration to you.”


“Not to sound over-dramatic, but Poetry of Resilience has changed my life in quiet and remarkable ways.”


“Thank you thank you thank you.... Fridays are such a source of surprise & delight for me. The visitors & your conversations are the tethers that hold me these days.”