Self-Guided Courses


Gateways to accessing your creative treasure trove.

Tending the Heart

How do we keep the heart open to the world in such difficult and challenging times? How do we, as writers and human beings, welcome all that arises in our lives?

This 6-session journey will draw on the experience and wisdom of some of our country’s most renowned writers and poets to explore how we tend the heart of creativity and spiritual practice.

With guest poets include Jacqueline Suskin, Tyree Daye, Gregory Orr, Richard Blanco, Koshin Paley Ellison and Jane Hirshfield.

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Wisdom of the Body

This 6-session journey explores creativity as a spiritual, embodied practice. We'll look at writing through the lens of the body through conversation, poetry, and writing prompts crafted to help us feel more inspired, and find joy in the gaps and pauses of our often crowded lives. Join us in taking a breath and feeling our way back into the joy and being of our physical selves.

With Guest Poets: Ross Gay, Nikita Gill, Mark Nepo, Kai Coggin, Barbara Crooker, and Leila Chatti

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Sacred Everyday

In this six-session series, James and Danusha explore writing, creativity, and the sacred contained in the moments of our everyday lives.

With Guest Poets: January Gill O'Neil, Dorianne Laux, Kim Rosen, Kelli Russell Agodon, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, and Natalie Goldberg

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Voices of Nature

This 6-session journey explores how the voices of nature weave with our own daily lives. For each session, Danusha and James share work by guest poets, including poems and prompts, so that together we can absorb the wisdom of visionaries, poets, and healers to bring ourselves more deeply into relationship with each other and with the power and beauty of this rich planet we share.

With Guest Poets: Ada Limón, Mark Nepo, Camille Dungy, Naomi Shihab Nye, Kimberly Blaeser, and Nickole Brown

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The Blessing of the Ordinary

In this six-session series, James and Danusha look at poetry as a tool for living a better life, and a practice of seeing. We discuss what Mark Nepo has called “the blessing of the ordinary,” sharing an abundance of poems, and discussing craft and technique with some of our most-accomplished poets.

With Guest Poets: Carolyn Forché, Michael Kleber-Diggs, Maggie Smith, Angela Narciso-Torres, Kim Stafford, and Laure-Anne Bosselaar

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Our Mineral Knowledges

In this six-session series, James and Danusha talk about writing as both ritual and mindfulness practice, bringing us all back to the source. We use poetry as an entry point into gratitude and hope, and as a cornerstone of resilience during these difficult and trying times. Whether you are a writer or not, you’re sure to come away from these heartening talks with a greater willingness to make space for joy and connection.

With Guest Poets: Naomi Shihab Nye, Ellen Bass, Jane Hirshfield, Dorianne Laux and Joseph Millar, Nickole Brown, and Ross Gay

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"Your session is one of the very few that I’ve attended online that holds the kind of quietude that in-person events do.”

— Nickole Brown

Additional Information

Self-Guided Offerings include previously recorded 6-session poetry courses.

Each session is two hours in length and begins with a talk with that week’s featured poet, followed by a discussion with Danusha and James, who read poems, offer gateways into accessing your own creative treasure troves, and share accompanying prompts.

During each class, they answer questions from participants, and give further insights into the practice of presence in our lives and on the page.

Each session includes a video recording, downloadable audio file and documents with poems, prompts and resources, many of which are shared and discussed during the class.  

These series were previously presented on Zoom.

What past participants say...

"This series has opened up so many doors and links...into writing, into seeing, and into being in the world."

"This series has delighted and expanded me. I'm so grateful!"

“The gift of hearing poets read makes their work come alive when I read it. Thank you, James and Danusha, for creating this amazing webinar and bringing such remarkable poets to us.”

"This has been such an informative and positive experience that feels bigger than the subject of poetry."


“Such a delight and gift it is to be here with you all! Thank you for this amazing gift of connection, compassion, and love.”


“The class was wonderful, as in full of wonder. For me it was a space of open-heartedness, wisdom, intellect and humor. Loved the poets, the poems, and the conversations equally.”